Grading Scale


MINT GRADE (AAAAA GRADE) - This ball looks brand new or near new with no marks on the ball other than the original ball manufactures name, model / number. It is shiny, with the paint being even, meaning no visible variations of the color, throughout the surface of the ball. In addition, there are no other logos on the ball. This variety is used by us to imprint special names; logo’s or messages on the area that is currently free of any previous logo or name.

PEARL GRADE (AAAAA GRADE) – This ball is in the same condition as the MINT GRADE but it does include a previous logo or customized brand on the previous vacant spot that came from the manufacturer. The logo must be showing no wear as well to enable us to say this is a beautiful ball.

PRO SHOP GRADE (AAAA GRADE) – This category would have been graded up to the MINT or PEARL GRADE except for some additional cosmetic marks that has been acquired through the life of the ball. This mark might be what we call a “pen mark” applied to the ball by one of its many owners. (pen mark means a spot about the size of a nickel or less put on the ball by some writing device by the individual owner or user) We allow a relatively small mark to get by the grading person because it will not effect the flight characteristics of the ball. It’s just cosmetic! Other variations could be an uneven paint caused by the sun soaking the ball for a time to causes the paint to fade or to be not as bright as the rest of the ball. The name of the ball or its model description may have a letter or two missing or chipped away as a result of being hit, landing on a non-grass surface or against a tree, etc. The ball may have a previous logo or brand id and may show likewise wear.

PRO SHOP MIX GRADE (AAAA GRADE) – This variety is simply combining the PRO SHOP GRADE “HIGH DEMAND” or “IN DEMAND” in a ratio of 2/3rd HIGH DEMAND balls with 1/3rd STORELINE BRANDS. The outward appearance is graded based on the same as conditions as the PRO SHOP GRADE.

PRO SHOP STORELINE GRADE (AAAA GRADE) – This variety is graded the same as PRO SHOP MIX but it contains only the STORELINE variety brands.

PRO SHOP MULLIGAN GRADE (AAA GRADE) – This variety will show more distinctive cosmetic flaws including the brand or model marking is missing almost or completely from one side of the ball, or a stronger discoloration on the ball, or a much larger pen mark or multiple quantities of pen marks.

PRO SHOP PLAYABLE GRADE (AA GRADE) – This variety is still playable but it doesn’t look nice. Obvious wear has occurred but it is still playable.

PRO SHOP NOVELTY GRADE (A GRADE) – This variety has so many marks that it is not desirable to look at even after consuming a six pack. We make these into novelty balls by repainting, remarking, etc.

JUNKQUE GRADE - This variety is just plain old and damaged balls and good for hitting off into a canyon where you don’t even think about retrieving.

Range Balls

A Grade Factory Range Balls (AAAAA GRADE) - Have a strong physical appearance, dimple definition and shine that are continuous throughout the whole ball. Beautiful in both color and markings with all brand, model, style of range stripe showing very little wear and appear to be as new or near new. They are determined as AAAA Grade due to the physical observation of remaining dimple life left in the ball. We estimate that all A Grade quality range balls have at least 70% or more of dimple life remaining at time of sale to the customer.

A Grade Standard Range Balls (AAAA GRADE) – Standard range are balls that come from either “Player Grade” or rejected “AAAAA Grade” categories. They have had a solid red, black or green stripe professionally applied over the previous factory stripe or name to create as close as possible to a nameless (brand less) ball. Strong in color and very good dimple life remaining.

B Grade Range Balls (AAA GRADE) - B Grade range balls are the result of those varieties which had been identified having 1 incomplete brand, model, and stripe markings showing obvious wear from a cosmetic perspective. Those imperfections cannot be repaired. However, the dimple definition is still strong with no flight characteristics being altered. The imperfections will, by comparison to an A Grade ball, be obvious to those in the industry and only the most demanding customer may notice appearance differences. This variety works very well where the ball is to be used in a rough terrain landing areas. We estimate the dimple life remaining is still above 50% from manufacture date of the ball.

C Grade Range Balls (AA GRADE) - C Grade range balls show obvious wear. The markings are faded, or chipped away or is missing or has incomplete stripes, with a general overall condition as being worn. An unofficial observation by any golf novice would come to the same conclusion. The dimples show a lot of wear and have limited life of less than 20% from date of manufacture.

D Grade Range Balls – “Canyon Balls” (A GRADE) - D Grade range balls are great for practice due to the price which enables the golfer to hit away and not have to retrieve the balls. That's why we call them "Canyon Balls" because you hit them into the canyon and leave it.